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We started thinking about it already summer 2004. But nothing concrete yet... At the end of summer 2005 we continued thinking about it. So after many considerations and reflections we made the decision. We are going to sell the boat and the motorbikes since we use them much too seldom. And we will buy a caravan instead!

We went to the caravan fair in Jönköping, were searching in the internet and asked for some quotations. It took quite some time until we knew which kind of caravan and which kind of accessories we would like to have.

One weekend we rented a caravan and spent a very nice weekend on Öland. Then we knew, that was the right thing for us!

On September 23, 2005 we ordered our caravan. On March 3, 2006 we could finally go an get it!

It is a McLouis Glen 264 and looks like this:

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Some pictures from inside:
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This scooter will join us on our trips:
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Here are some pictures which we've taken April 1, 2006:
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